Healing Facial GuaSha with essential oil

Combining techniques of facial guasha and the power of essential oil

  • 1 hour
  • 128 Singapore dollars
  • To be arranged

Service Description

Combining the ancient technique of facial gua sha to activate meridian points and harnessing the power of essential oils to further enhance your body's healing. Complete your wholistic healing journey with a fusion of therapies. Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice that’s thought to promote the flow of “chi,” or energy, in the skin. The technique involves gently scraping a tool over the neck and face, using the unique therahertz stone in an upward sweeping motion. It not only promotes blood and “Qi” circulation but also accelerates skin cell regeneration, improves skin absorption, and prevents aging. The following effects will be seen immediately after the facial Gua Sha therapy: - reduced dark circles/eye bags/puffiness; - reduced fine lines/wrinkles; - smoother and radiant skin; - lifted and firmer skin; - reduced double chin/refined face shape.

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