FREE Terahertz Water

Come and get your water treated with Terahertz wave for FREE! 

Bring your own bottles, filled with water and I will treat you water for you.

If you know of someone that may be suffering from : 

A) Diabetes
B) High blood pressure 
C) Eczema
D) Psoriasis
E) Shingles
F) Hair loss
G) Constipation
H) Pimples 
I) Freckles
J) Uric Acid Gout
K) Thyroid ... etc 


TeraHertz Water Device

Terahertz waves are the frequencies between light waves and radio waves. Terahertz waves vibrate 1 trillion times per second and have a property of penetrating various substances. It is the energy that penetrates substances, activates them and changes the warped wavelength to the harmonious wavelength. By utilizing this principle, Terahertz Water Device adjusts the wavelength of water when water is passed through, and changes water to “Energy Water” with the power as the natural spring water has.


Terahertz Gua Sha Massage Board and Roller

Where modern Japanese science meets ancient Chinese tradition.  Combining the effects from terahertz stone and Gua Sha produce a powerful combination to stimulate blood circulation.

Gua Sha is  an ancient Chinese massage for energy flow and blood circulation. Gua Sha can be done on the whole body using a flat Gua Sha tool.

Results from studies done on the effects of Gua Sha are improved skin elasticity, blood circulation, lymph drainage and reduced wrinkles and muscle tension.

The most common places to perform Gua Sha are the face, neck and back. Massage oils or moisturisers can be used with the scraper. Scrape the skin until red.

Making the scraper cold with ice and massaging the face is a favourite method of our customers to feel relaxed.
~Gua Sha Board: 7.5cm x 5cm
~Roller Length 14.5cm
~ Big roller head: 4.2 cm
~ Small roller head: 2.2 cm


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